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Miss Crystal
05 May 2010 @ 06:36 am
Being the naive dreamer I am, I convinced myself that my final semester would be totes easy and a cakewalk. And I'm NGL, for the most part, it has been. But now that the semester is less than 2 weeks from closing, it seems like everything is all due at once.

I have so much work to do =[ This week alone I have:
2 exams
2 papers
2 presentations
2 evaluations related to my internship
1 weekly log entry for my internship
studying for my 2 comprehensive finals

FML. I fucking hate comprehensive finals. One of them for my finance class, which has been steadily destroying GPA and my pride all semester.
Friday I have to fly to D.C. for my sister's graduation, which means my weekend is pretty much shot to hell studying-wise. Plus, my sister is on my shit list atm, which only makes it feel like an even bigger waste of my time.
She and I aren't speaking. I'm sick of her shit, and she can't get enough of her shit. So basically, we just have a difference of opinion about her shit.

Once my finals are through, I will be hosting my family for my graduation on the 15th (only 10 days away!!! holy shit!) and the weekend after that, my parents are throwing my sister and I a joint graduation party.
I'm looking froward to it. Primarily the receiving monies aspect of the whole thing.

I'm excited for summer. I'd really like to take a solo trip to Europe. But what I'm most excited about is doing nothing. Once school is done, and my internship is done, and after the graduations and the party...I just want to STOP, you know? Relax and be useless while I still can, before I enter the land of grown-ups where my soul will crushed forever.